I'm looking for a guitar and an amp in the 2500$ range.

I'm currently studying jazz guitar, but I also like to play fusion and stuff like Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally, Steve Vai...

I'd prefer a solid body guitar that has both single coils and humbuckers or at least a split coil feature.

I'd like the amp to be all tube.

Thanks and excuse my English !
a fender strat, or a ibanez rg of some sort (im not really familiar with them)
You mean both the guitar 2500$ & the amp 2500$; Or a total price of 2500$?

If you mean the first part, check out the Ibanez JEM. It's the Steve Vai signature and has both humbuckers as a central single coil. Great and beautiful guitar.

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But don't almost all strats have single coils in the neck? I always thought jazz was played mostly with humbuckers...

edit: 2500$ is both for guitar and amp
I'm an Ibanez man, so from them, I would recommend any Prestige like an FR, SV, S, or RG. But it's pretty much impossible to go wrong with a guitar unless you get the wrong pickups. For an amp, I would look into a Carvin Legacy. You have a large budget so you'll end up with good gear.
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Marshall JCM 900 head with a 1960A Cab. Great for jazz and high gain.

As for a guitar, I'd HIGHLY reccomend the Parker series. I've got one with and Ebony fretboard and jazz pickups, and it absolutely SING through my high-gain Bugera for those Satch/Vai kind of leads.

Otherwise look at a Carvin Legacy V3 halfstack. Vai's signature setup.
Thanks guys. But how would those solid body Jems, Ss, parkers handle jazz tones? I'm afraid people would laugh if they saw me playing them in my small jazz band...

Also, do tube amps make much difference? I'm currently playing through a solid state Line6 pod x3 and my tone is the shrillest, thinnest most abrasive tone you could imagine... It drives me crazy...
Yes tube amps help a great deal, but also good effects, my tone is so thick and complex from using a tube amp and a rackmount effects unit.
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an Ibanez Jem would be good, However as always, I recommend a PRS. They are great, very versitile guitars. And are also very well made, and you can always change out the pickups. As for the amp, I'm not sure.
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