hey, im just searching for a not-too0texpensive USB or firewire mic for home recordings of liffs and the like, not expecting extreme professional quality, just enough to not lose too much tone, and actually have good enough recordings to attempt to write songs and save them to m laptop.

i already have garage band as a recording interface, and was hoping for a mic which would not cause too much lag when recording, in case i want to test different leads over a rythm section, although i have got my looper for that.

cheers for any help, and feel free to move this if there is a better forum to post this
Do you already own a decent quality mic? If so then get the Blue Icicle or the Mic mate pro, they convert XLR outputs into USB so you can plug it into your usb port of your mac, and you still get very good quality.
Don't get a USB mic. Most of the time, they are a pain in the ass to work with. I suggest getting a mic in the $100 range (for a guitar, either a Sennheiser e609 or a Shure SM57) and a solid interface (I suggest the M-Audio Fast Track MKII which runs for $120). They are def higher than just a USB mic itself but in the long run, you'll thank yourself.
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Why spend $150 on a XLR to USB converter when you can get a way better interface for $150?
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^ Because I already went and brought an Apogee GIO interface for my main guitar, bass and keyboards recording. So all I need the mic for is occasional acoustics and the odd brass/string section (even though I sample most of them in Logic anyway) plus i'm getting the Blue Icicle which is about £50 (sorry, I don't work in dollars, being from England =P).

I really just use Logics amps and pedals to manipulate the sounds of my actual amp and pedals. Pretty much all my production gets done in Logic, and within Logic's own plug-in's.

Sorry if thats odd but it's just me =\
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I got a Blues Snowball for christmas. It is disappointing for use as a "main" mic, but would work well for additional instruments or when you have an idea you want to record quickly.
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