I'm playing through my IBZ10G, which is really restricting the quality of my sound right now. In the near future, I plan to use Peavey Revalver MKIII and play through my laptop, but eventually I'd want a real new amp. Any suggestions for something around 25-35W power or so? I'm not looking for the best one, just a "good" and versatile one that's worth its price will do fine. I play heavy metal, rock, clean, blues, just the standards. I'm looking for one that is smooth and clear for clean and heavy yet articulate for distortion. My guitar is Ibanez RGT42DX BP and my pickups are DiMarzio D Activator bridge and DiMarzio LiquiFire.

Thank you!
peavy vypyr 30 or Vox valvetronix 30, stay away from line 6, laney, marshall, laney and fender at this wattage. Also look at orange

Specifically thrash, groove, progressive rock/metal, hard rock, funk rock/metal, blues rock, and clean wtv genre.

Price range I don't have much knowledge about amps at all but I want one thats not too expensive but just a little pricey is fine for a quality one (all in the world of amps).
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stay away from laney and fender at this wattage.

you can't be serious.

VC30!? Blues Junior?! Hot Rod Deluxe!?

You should check out a peavey classic 30. It'd do the heavier stuff with a boost, and has nice cleans and low gain sounds.
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If you're looking for versatility, I'd go for a Vox Valvetronix VT30, it does pretty much everything you listed, pretty well, compared to many other modellers.
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I have a Roland Cube30x myself, and I play everything from br00t4lz crabcore to classic rock to john butler to clean acoustic stuff, and everything in between, and it is great. Extremely versatile, has enough volume and overall, just a great little modelling amp.
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