Mother****ing President Obama: "This shit's getting way too complicated for me."

I got 404.

Could you quote the article or something?

edit: nvm.

But Obama cursing like a sailor?
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This better be riot-worthy dude...

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Change the **** in the link to fuck, people


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Here's the article link:
This ^

TS, edit that into your OP.
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Meh, that's not enough material for a cool prank call-soundboard. It's still funny tho: whoever said the man wasn't black enough will have to admit the "you ain't my b*tch, n*gga" came out pretty convincing

What's even funnier tho: apparently this audiobook earned him a grammy for best spoken word album > never knew him and Henry Rollins would have that much in common

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So he swears? I swear, too. It's not outrageous when I do it.

EDIT: Lol @ the fries.
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I'm kind of surprised this is a year old, I figured more people would've known about it I guess.
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I'm kind of surprised this is a year old, I figured more people would've known about it I guess.

I figured it was pretty old. There's hundreds of youtube videos of it.
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I'm glad the article writer explained the situation instead of taking it out of context.
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I think I made a thread on this months ago.
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another reason to support Obama: he's the mother****ing shit, nigga!
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