Hey guys,

I'd like to buy a new amp, but I'm not sure which one suites me best:

- Marshall JCM 900 head with Marshall 1960A cabinet
- Peavey 6505+ combo 112 or 212
- Engl Screamer 50 combo E330

Here there are all the info you may need:

- I want to use it for band practice and gigs in pubs, clubs, small venues, etc.
- I play power metal, classic metal and a bit of hard rock. NO brutal/death/black/trash/metalcore. If you want, my favourite bands are on my profile.
- I want a full, rich, warm and powerful distortion for metal rhythm (I'm the rhythm guitarist of my band).
- I don't care so much about cleans.
- I'll use my own effect pedals.
- I play a Gibson Explorer '76 and, as you may know, the pickups provide a full and bass sound.

Thanks for the help, and please don't tell me "try each amp yourself", because there are no good guitar shops where I live.
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im feeling the engl tbh
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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The engl. Really musical bright distortion, and you ll always have pretty excellent cleans in case you need them
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the engl, it has good dist en nice cleans

and every brootalz headz wil luv you for it
What bands in particular? For a lot of hard rock I would go with the JCM900. Overall though, I would go with the Engl.
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the Engl wins hands down, most versitle out of the bunch, if you ever do switch styles youll be happy you have the engl
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The 4x12 is the worst possible choice for small venues. The highs shoot straight out like a flashlight beam. You think it's loud where you are standing? It's much louder and brighter out in the crowd where the cabinet is pointed. Plus, since there are four speakers sharing the power, the amp has to be really cranked in order for each speaker to get enough power to make it start breaking up and get "the sound". A single speaker with a Weber Beam Blocker or a home-made "foam doughnut" is the way to go in almost any situation.