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4 27%
11 73%
Voters: 15.
Listen to both tracks and vote for your favourite. Please make constructive comments explaining your vote so we can all learn what to improve on...

Jazzman91: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Jazzman91/music/play733551

urik: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/urik/music/play763485

Voting is open for 7 days.

Best of luck with the duel!
Well ...
Jazzman ,beautiful melodies but ... your song is more jazz or even classical than blues ... I mean that it is a bit complicated and confused (I don't mean to say that jazz is complicated and classical confused) but there is a lack of feeling in the expression, thats what you have to work on , if you want to play the blues.

Urik, you have blown me away with your wonderfull playing, maybe you should have kept this song for the last round ... you would win with it !
just one default for my ears , there is little noise in the begining coming from the guitar ... done by purpose , to make sure it is not the original ?
That's not my entry :/ . I made a better one since I had rhythm problems in this one at the intro. It was posted in the duels thred. But well, the solo of this one is better so it's fine.

Jazzman, loved yours. Very original! Sounded a lot like some kind of folk with a nice melody .

Lol salmon, thanks but I don't need noise to prove that it's not the original. You can't copycat Gary. He's THE Gary . The noise is just my awful squier pickups reacting to my CRT screen.

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Sorry urik! I just used the first link you posted in the thread. The tone is arguably better in this one rather than your youtube version anyway.

It has a Dire Straits vibe again. Certainly very very well played - I'm not a fan of Gary Moore's music but just listening to the original you do this more than justice. You are without doubt one of the best players on this website imo.

Jazzman91 - lovely gem of a track. Has an innocence about it. Maybe needs to be a little more relaxed to flow a bit better, but I really like folk-blues. Tough competition.
liked both tracks but i had to go with urik on this one.
jazzman91, i felt like it wasnt "bluesy" enough really. some of the lead stuff went a little out of time but nothing to big.

urik, nice playing overall. when the guitar first comes in, it sounds a little thin for my liking but the playing was good. when it pick up the guitar gets kinda lost in the ogan and bass but then you kick in the overdrive and it sounds fine. great melodic playing over all.
Jazzman, I really liked the old school feel to it. There are some amazing players on Ug. Good luck to you both.
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gotta go with urik, i love gary moore, and it sounded great!

Jazzman, I just didn't like your track. that could just be me though. i just had a "feel" that I didn't like, sorry.

the playing was good, i just didn't like it.
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Looks like you`ve done a real great track, Urik. I'm sorry that I can't hear it, that's why I couldn't vote on the other duels. My internet at home is broken and I just can check at school - but there are no speakers so I listen to the tracks. I hope it is fixed till the next round starts, if not I suppose I am out...
Urik - pretty classy stuff, great feel.
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