So today I got a bit bored, and decided to pull apart my old amp (some no name 15w solid state combo) and eventually got the 'amp' part of the amp out completely, unhooked the speaker and decided to see if i could use it as a distortion pedal, using the headphone out going into one of my other amps (kustom solo 16r combo, because im still not sure if what im doing will hurt anything). Now my question is, is this going to hurt anything? Because I'm not sure if its sorta the same as a normal pedal would be, or if the fact that it is being amplified then amplified again is going to cause an issue.

not sure if it will break anything but using the headphone out will reduce the volume as it compresses the sound so it does not blow your ears out
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Hmm. I think it might cause some trouble if the Ohm ratings don't match. Also I'm not sure if running another amp before your amp will be good for it as the main amplifier hasn't been designed to take that much power and will probably start clipping. I don't know a lot about electronics - only the basics - but I really wouldn't recommend doing this.

Wait for the more experienced GB&C guys to give you some advice aswell, but I can't see them saying it would be safe.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
As long as you don't unplug the jack from the first amp's headphone out, you'll be alright, although it seems to me that this setup would sound like shit

If you really have absolutely no use for that amp, you could just find a simple distortion pedal to build, and pilfer the components to build it from the amp.
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It doesnt sound that bad, I've always kinda liked how the amp sounded with the gain maxed, and with regards to putting it all in pedal format, that is my intention i just got curious about using it this way when i plugged it in to test.