I recently decided that I wanted to learn a bit of classical guitar playing as opposed to learning only chords (rhythm guitar) which I've only done since I started learning guitar. However, I'm having issues when I try to play a melody for example Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven'. These issues stem from not knowing which fingers on my fretting hand should fret which notes/frets? As a result my playing is very slow and out of time, sounding very bad. Is this something I have to figure out by trial and error? I posted a similar thread on the Guitar Techniques forum, didn't look it up as yet though, but do you guys have any advice to my preciously stated issue and also anything I should be aware of when learning classical guitar, what problems did you all experience when learning this technique? Any advice will be greatly welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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when i play something i try to pretend that the notes are part of a chord and play them that way (like an appreciated chord).

but if that doesn't work you can always look for a video of how he plays the part you're trying to play and get an idea from that...
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that's kind of an experience thing. the chord referencing is a good way to get that skill down.
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