Hi every 1. i have only been playing guitar for a year now, and iv already got an electric guitar, but i would like a cheap ( but good ) acoustic guitar so i can play it wherever i like. but i want to know if its better to spend my money on just an acoustic guitar or the same amount of money on a electric acoustic. will the quality go down if i get an elctro/acoustic?
For the same price? Usualy, yes. Some quality will be sacrificed for the electronics, IMO.
i'm with them.

here's an example. you can get a yamaha fg730s for $300 or the yamaha fgX730sc for $500 - and btw, you used to be able to get the yamaha fg730s for the same price, but they added the cutaway. basically for $200 more than the fg730s what you're getting is electronics and a cutaway.

now, for less money you could get a yamaha fx335. it has a laminate top and some odd wood for the back and sides, and it sounds okay, but unplugged definitely not as good as the fg730s. or for $300, you could get a yamaha apx500 acoustic electric which sounds surprisingly crappy unplugged.

or you could get a yamaha fg730sc for $300. it's a good guitar, sounds very nice and great bang for your buck. and you could then buy a $30 soundhole pickup so you're out $330 instead of $500 but you have a very good sounding, well made, solid top guitar with rosewood back and sides - and you haven't spent $500. then you could wait till you can afford a fishman or baggs or k&k preamp - plus you'll have the advantage of being able to learn before you leap. or later you can spend more and get a better acoustic electric. but in the meantime, you'll playing and plugged in.
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