This is my first time posting anything on these forums so i dont really know if this is the right place or not for this but i am having problems with my wah pedal.

It is a Dunlop Crybaby Original Wah pedal and it will not stay in one place and flops forward wherever you put it, meaning you can't take your foot off it and have to keep very still if you want the pedal to be at a specific angle. The pedal will rock back and fourth with the smallest amount of pressure and gives no resistance.

Ive had it for quite a while now and don't use it often so i cant remember if it has always been like this (pretty sure it hasn't) or even if it is designed to be like this.

How can i make the pedal less loose and firm it up?
I know that on my Vox wah there is a metal strap over the "axle" that the treadle pivots on. If you tighten that strap down via the screws on either end that should put more resistance on it and hold it better. Your Dunlop should be similar if not the same. Mine are hex head machine screws so a small box wrench should do the trick.
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hm, I'm not familiar with that wah (I plan to get one soon though) but try to find the exact part that it's swiveling on and try to find a way tighten it up. maybe take it apart make a few wraps on the area with teflon tape or something.

edit: yea, if there's a bolt you can tighten that would be a hell of a lot better.
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thanks both of you, i can see the screws and the strap i now need to find a way to get at em.