I want to buy a looper pedal for practicing purposes (a pedal that plays something on repeat that you've played with your guitar)
Whats the best looper on the market?... in terms of

-ease of use
I have the Boss RC-20XL. It's ok, nothing too special though. Wished I had waited a bit and got me the new Line 6 looper. Turns out it's about the same price and probably a lot better.

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The RC have drum sounds built in right?
I'm not sure about the digitech/line6
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I have the Digitech JamMan and it is pretty killer. It lacks a bit in the rhythm, only having simple drum metronomes, but it's a great interface and if you know a bit about electronics you can make a footpedal for it and do a lot.
The Digitech JamMan takes the cake for ease of use, I think. I played some of the RC series, but I found the JamMan the easiest for looping and doing overdubs. You can change the the speed of a loop to tap tempo; you can choose the metronome sound and volume level; you can select select one of 99 recorded loops/tracks via a knob with a convenient digital display; you can change loop and instrument input levels.

It is extremely easy to use and has, maybe, a ten minute learning curve. There's a little display that makes selecting, saving, deleting, and other little options very simple. For its amount of features, and absolute ease of use, and sound quality, too, I say go for the JamMan.
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thanks for all the good suggestions...
I really like the rc 2. its cheap and looks like the most bang for buck, but i might just wait a month or two and buy the digitech jamman....it looks like its the best overall