and who it is is an a-hole. this guy who was like my best friend literally half an hour before this decided to tell me to back off his girlfriend because i liked her like 2 years ago so i wrote this.

girl so sweet she gives diabetes
seems she's come between you and me
threats work fine if you act upon them
but if you don't then they don't teach anything
it's all well and good acting tough for her
but not when you're this bad an actor
the role you play is just a stupid lie
at the end of this she will just want to die
i am a painful sneak peek
of her in a few months time
wasted and undervalued
she will want to end_ her__ life
a guy like me can't have anything
though he does good where they never think
he can't even dream about getting a girl
without being told to give up his world
stab him in the back to bring his will down
then make him bloody and push him to the ground
BREAKDOWNX4 [start singing go to screaming]
you won't
stay stable

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