Hello guys,

I got a Strat with a Kahler bridge, which is like a Floyd Rose bridge. It has a Locker Nut that must be locked once the strings are tuned, so the tuning will hold on when using the bridge.

Locker Nut pics:

Bridge pic:

I know this bridge is a good bridge and should be used, but I won't play heavy metal/virtuose, and I'm a begginer, so I want to avoid complications while restringing, tuning and setting it up.

So I had the idea of adding 2 springs in the back of the bridge, to hard tail it, so it will touch the guitar's body, and unlock the Lucker Nut permanently, so it will function as a regular string holder.

Do you think that doing this it will become a regular hard tail bridge? Will the tuning hold on well? Can it damage my guitar in some way?

Thank you very much for the help!
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a tremel-no is like 40 bucks and it lets you switch between hardtail and floating.
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if you make it touch the guitar body, it may screw up the intonation. better to find a way to keep it in it's center position

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