I am having amp feedback problems... Here's he deal:

I'm having band practice in my basment along with out drummer and bassist. We have a kind of tight space, the line 6 spider 3 amp is set up exactly accross from on the other side of the room about 3 yards away from me. Everything is going fine. Then, for the next song, I switch to my epiphone g-400 guitar. I turn the amp volume back up, and imediatly get feedback, I start playing and I have major feedback coming from my amp every like ten seconds... How can I stop this feedback??
Try a noise gate.
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we basically did the same thing in a friends basement, and my buddies line 6 spider fed back like hell. you should get a new amp mate. those things might have somewhat ok metal distortion, but if you put it next to a true amp, you won't sound good at all with the guy next to you.