Hey UG, my friend Mike at Penn State is really involved with this charity project called the African Library Project.


That's the facebook group for it. He's collected around 4400 children's books already. If you have any books you'd be willing to donate and have the means to do it, check it out. It's for a good cause, don't be afraid to get involved. It doesn't cost you a thing (unless you want to donate money to help ship the books over to Africa).

From the facebook group:

I recently got involved in a volunteer project here at Penn State called the African Project. 
The object is simple: collect 1,000 books, and ship them to a school in Africa. 
For every 1,000 books collected, a school in Africa will receive a library. 
Africa has one of the worst illiteracy rates in the world, 
mainly because the children in the schools don't have the resources to help them learn how to read. 
This project will allow the children in Africa the opportunity to learn how to read and also learn English. 
I've made it a personal goal to raise 1,000 books on my own, 
because I think it would be awesome to personally make an impact on a poor community in Africa, 
and help deserving children further their limited education.

We're looking to raise children's books for students in preschool through fourth grade. This includes:
-Baby board books
-Children's picture books
-Children's fiction and non-fiction books
-Early readers
-Juvenile literature
-Teacher books for school libraries
-Children's dictionaries
-Children's encyclopedias
-Encyclopedia's less than 15 years old
-Accurate atlases
-Paperback textbooks in math, English, geography, and science at appropriate level
-Books with universal themes (friendship, animals, love, etc.)
*This is the official list from the packet I received from The African Project.

Here is the link, where more information about The African Project can be found. 
The two minute video clip titled "Slide Show" gives a good overview of the project and 
why it's so important to donate books to Africa.

The official website is www.africanlibraryproject.org

Thank you to all of you who will get involved. I've donated about 200 books myself and have been getting others involved in the cause.

TL;DR: my friend is part of a charity called The African Library Project and needs book donations to help establish libraries in poor African communities. 1000 books = 1 library, so every book counts. Please help
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Hey thanks. I'll definitely donate a few books that we've got just lying around
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Excellent idea, kudos to your friend.
If there's anyway us overseas can donate books (I'd donate money but, you know, I don't have any ) lets us know.
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You gonna have to get some donations to teach the f***ers to read first.
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That sounds pretty cool, unfortunately I don't have the means or tyhe money to donate anything.
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I'd donate, but i've got no books to donate.

I'd buy books to donate but I've got no money to buy books.

Anyway, your Friend is truely awesome
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Thanks for the interest you guys! I don't really know how those of you across the pond could get the books, but you could always consider starting your own drive. It doesn't have to cost you anything, and your books could be the first start to the drive in your area.