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i searchbarred and found nothing dirrectly relavent, if has been done just close the thread...

so, does the pit know any great bands or albums that are seriously under-rated?

for my artist i would say vital remains, one of the best death metal bands i have ever heard, and i think glen benton sounds better in them than deicide for sum reason

for my album i would say carcass's swansong. it was a great album, but not necissarily from carcass, and came out about 10 years too early. if it was a debut from a modern metal band, im sure it would be a major hit
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I think Mushuggah are pretty under-rated

Edit: Meshuggah
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jimmybanks youre a genius

Alice Cooper is the most underrated musician ever.
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I think Mushuggah are pretty under-rated

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I think Mushuggah are pretty under-rated


And I think they're over-rated.
Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. I'm happy that they aren't too well known though. Although, they're starting to get more air time..
Portugal. The Man »–
Perzonal War is a pretty good band, the vocals remind me of James Hetfield at points, also Iron and Wine and Danko Jones. Three amazing more-underground bands

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Faith No More. Most people think they're a one hit wonder.

This. Although personally Faith No More is my least favourite Mike Patton project. I love Meshuggah but I wouldn't say they are under rated. In fact they have a very large fan base these days.

Melvins are the most under-rated ever. Period.
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The problem with this kind of thread is that mainstream culture under appreciates pretty much every band that is not mainstream, but the 'underground' music scene appreciates them--for example, most people here will have at least heard of Mushuggah, but someone who primarily listens to the radio will not have heard of them--the same is true for most not-very-well-known bands and genres.

ps: Brand New not well known? wat.
Socialburns pretty underrated, Where You Are is a pretty good album. they're more alternatice, and softer rock, but they're still pretty alright.
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ps: Brand New not well known? wat.

Not as well known as they should be
Portugal. The Man »–
RX Bandits. One of the most talented bands I've ever heard, yet very few have heard them. Their style is constantly evolving, but I'd class it as Progressive-Alternative with Ska influences. If that sounds even a little bit appealing to you, you should definately check them out.

"...And the Battle Begun"

Also, despite recently becoming more well know the Pixies and Frank Black are both still criminally underrated.
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Melvins are the most under-rated ever. Period.


I love the melvins, and I dont think people see the influence they've had on so many bands today.
Definetly Axxis. They've been around for ages, released loads of great albums yet no one has heard of them.
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I think hardcore superstar are under rated tbh
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InMe. Should be the kings of modern rock.

InMe kick ass and yet nobody has ever heard of them, it sucks.

I think A Day To Remember are under-rated. And You Me At Six. But yeh.
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High on Fire deserves more respect.

I can agree with this, especially since their guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike was in Sleep.

You know, the band that made this?
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ADTR and the Beatles for sure..... ... . .. .. ...

uhh.. I don't know.
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Symphony X, not underrated but should be known way more than they are now.
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I think Diamond Head is pretty underrated. Their debut album is awesome, yet no one has ever heard of them.
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Rubixcuba. I like that.

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