So i'm on musiciansfriend.com, and im looking at these highway one precision basses.


Look at the pictures. It seems to come in sunburst, black, red, honey blonde, and white with a tortoise shell pickguard. All I could think was, "Damn, that looks so good, I'm gonna get this in white when I get the cash."

When I wanted to see if I could get more specs on it, I went to fender's site and found that bass and noticed that the white wasn't listed on there. So I go back to musiciansfriend.com, and saw the picture of the white right there. I went over to the drop-down menu thing, as if i was gonna order it, and noticed that there is no white with tortoise shell pickguard there.

Why is there a picture of a color that they dont sell? I mean, I know it sounds like I was only gonna buy it for that color, but that isnt true. I've played HWY1s before and like them. But seriously, wtf.

tl;dr I'm pissed off cause musiciansfriend has an image of a color scheme for a bass that they don't sell and taking out my frustrations in the pit.
yeah annoying, make a big deal about it? nah
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jimmybanks youre a genius

They piss me off because they won't ship half their shit to Canada.
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They just accidentally put the picture of a different p bass in there, you can tell there is a difference when you click through the pictures. The first four look like they just shooped different body colors into the same picture of a bass so when you click through them it just looks like the body is changing colors. The last one is at a different angle with different lighting.
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They piss me off because they won't ship half their shit to Canada.

check music123, Sam Ash or proguitarshop. they ship to canada and are my go to online sites.

TS they do sell it, they are out of stock. check back in a week
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I never used Musicians friend, I''ve only used Guitar center and Sam Ash online...

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