Hey guys,

Recently i've been having problems with my vs100 amp, it worked fine till a few weeks ago but now i have a really annoying problem. it only effects OD2, and on one occasion it happened on OD1. so here's the thing: sometimes when i put it on OD2 the volume is WAY to loud(i have the voume on 0.5 since i play in my room usually), even when i turn the volume to 0 its stil louder then it would normally be around 1/10 depending on how high the gain is ofcourse. The first time this happened i tried "pushing" the volume knob a bit, and in the right position it seemed to work and turn back normal again, though when i stopped touching it the problem returned.

It's also worth mentioning this problem doesnt always occur, about 3/4 of the time i have no problems at all. though turning the amp off and on, or going back to another channel and then to OD2 again doesnt fix it.

I'm 16 and never opened an amp up, though have some soldering skills. it first seemed like maybe something is loose behind the knobs or something..

I hope somebody has some suggestions so i can fix it cause atm it means i cant use OD2 alot, since im 99% sure its bad for the speaker to have it that loud.
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bad pot or a bad joint going to that pot.
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