Hi everyone,

Just registered. Just want to know, is there any limit on how many tabs we can upload? Thanks.
No limit as far as i'm aware, getting your tab through the user voted approval system on the other hand could be tricky if you're planning on uploading a million tabs we already have or aren't up to the sites high standards.

Good luck.
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no many people have uploaded 1000+, there may be a daily limit, but i'm not sure as i've never uploaded one, you will have to wait a while untill your tab will be up on the site as they are screend this can take upto a week
Before creating a new tab, check the UG Archive. Are there high rated versions of the song you're considering tabbing? If so, it's unlikely a new version is needed. Although good quality, your tab might be rejected because it would add to the clutter.

Make only one or two tabs at first and submit them. That way if you are making procedural mistake that cause your tabs to be rejected you can find out what you're doing wrong before having a ton of rejections.

Read the first post in this thread: WTF? Where is my tab?!?!
It highlight the common reasons why tabs are rejected.

We're glad to have upload tabs, but we don't want you to waste your time on songs that aren't needed or tabs that aren't right.

There are over 3000 songs that tabs have been requested for maybe you could scan the list and find something you'll enjoy tabbing: Tab Requests

Anyway, welcome to UG.
Best of luck.
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Welcome to UG

There's no limit to how many tabs you upload, but whether they get accepted or not is a different matter. Also, you cannot upload new tabs if you are banned.