This song I have written is different for me because it wasn't written from the perspective of a robot. I plan on recording it and posting the song, if anyone desires to hear it, sometime this week.

And of course any constructive critisism will be accepted and returned so long as a link is present.

I stay up most nights thinking
about the future and stuff
About the things I won't see
and how I've got it rough

All the things I see will never be enough

I wish I had a spaceship
So I could go where I wanted
No longer have to imagine
No longer have to pretend

The end is closer than I ever thought before
(and) I'm aging faster than I'd like to endure

I wish you could come with me
floating off to infinity
I think it might
I think it might be fun

woah oh woah oh I'm not giving up
woah oh woah oh I'm not gonna stop

Chorus with bridge lyrics