So I have this guitarist friend. He doesn't give a shit about gears.

He thinks all he needs is his epiphone LP and his marshall MG.

He has no idea what is modulation, overdrive, and knows nuts about tubes.

He dislikes tube amps.

But he claims to know a lot about music composition.

The only pedal he gives a damn about is his Korg AX1000G.

He said he likes the sound and doesn't give a shit what everyone else thought.

I told him, if he liked one of the models, has he ever tried to find out what amp it's modeled after and try to acquire that amp and work his sound from there?

He said he doesn't give a shit. He just want things that sounds good to him.

He's happy even with the marshall MG.

He doesn't care what distortion pedal is in the market.

Then he admitted that he's actually a gear-noob.

He does not understand a lot of gear related theories like distortion, overdrive, etc.

He's been complaining about trying to get a Gilmourish sound but he never bothered to learn about reverb/delays and does not even know how to setup his guitars.

But he sure boasts a lot about knowing music composition but yet he's not made any successful albums.

He scoffs at people who actually learn about gear stuff, and doesn't wanna know anything about SM57 for micing up amps, or how to setup his gear for gigs/publicly.

He thinks it's not his job, and it's the job of the sound engineer at the gig.

I told him, the sound engineer is not going to be responsible for his tone, they're only responsible for what comes out of your amp, not what comes before it, your pedal chain.

Have you ever met such a person? They hid their ignorance about gears, dismissing gear setup as garbage knowledge.