ive been trying to get it for a few months now but i just cant seem to get it i have a les paul and a kustom dart '66 amp i just cant find it

please help

Get a modified 1959 marshall slp
Les Paul with alnico II pickups

Oh and be slash
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Use a fair amount of midrange, avoid scooped tones and use a moderate amount of gain - probably at 12 o'clock on your amp. Slash uses a lot less gain than most people think.

If that doesn't work, put Seymour Duncan pickups in your LP and get a Marshall JCM800... that should do it!

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Plenty of mids. Go easy on the gain.
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No. No one does. He admits even he can't get that tone again.

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Don’t bother chasing GnR tones too hard. Axl Rose has an obsession with really lush guitar sounds and has producers layer multiple guitars and tweak the hell out of them so chances are that there’s a great deal of studio magic you can’t replicate.
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Gain - 6.5
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Mid - 7
Bass - 7
Presence ? 8

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Treble: 4-6
Mid: 7-8
Bass: 6-8

mess around those settings and tune it 1/2 step down. well of course any studio lbum is going to be recorded with way more affects and double tracking etc than you could do live
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I heard Slash say that he uses the Neck pickup on his Les Paul alot, as it gives him a more bluesy tone...
for S.C.O.M...

bass and mids at about 7, treble at 5 or 6.

reverb and a smooth classic distortion.

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In addition to what has already been said, use your neck p'up and roll your tone pot all the way down.
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Quote by STABxYOU
No. No one does. He admits even he can't get that tone again.

Yeah, he says in his biography that as much as hes tried hes never been able to replicate it.
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Here are my settings that I use and they seem to work fine.

Presence: 8
Bass: 7
Middle :7
Treble: 4.5
Gain: 6.5

Here is a Youtube video of those setting through my Marshall Silver Jubilee.