I dont give a damn about gears. All i need is my Epiphone LP and my Marshall MG.

I have no idea what is modulation or overdrive. I also know nuts about tubes.

I really dislike tube amps.

But I know more about music composition than Beethoven or Zappa.

I love my Korg AX1000G.

I like the sound and I dont give a shit about what other people think, you know....

My friend once told me, if I liked one of the models, have I ever tried to find out what amp it's modeled after and try to acquire that amp and work my sound from there?

I said i dont give a shit.

Im really Happy with my Marshall MG. It just sounds like a plexi cranked...

I dont care what distortion pedals are ...

Maybe Im a gear noob..
I dont understand much about those things!

I really want this Gilmourish sound, though. Man his solo on stairway to heaven is awesome...

I've made a lot, and I mean a lot compositions.

I really like that sound engineer i once met.

My friend told me, the sound engineer is not going to be interested in me.

Have you ever met such a person like me? I try to hide my ignorance about beers.
So I am a guitarist. I dont give a shit about bears!
cool story bro'
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The Volcano God!

All hail the Volcano god!

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Play it naked. Then people will be like "Sweet, that guy over there in the corner of the cafeteria, he's playing the guitar naked."
^needs more dragons
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It's okay because whatever, forever
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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson