in the back lands', the background, the black market,
the underground, they heystacks, the blackened glass pipes in blackened fingertip fingers (****), the sounds in the background murmering, the electric shocks the people hear about happening somewhere close-by, the just killing, fool straps and the heavy wind(s), all murmering in the background (your), somewhere close by, blackened hallways in Poland, having no where else to go so I come here straightjacket blues (opin), tug and suck my **** on the blackened hallway stairs, run down the underground stairs and slip but catch yourself, neck on a trusted electric cow wire - even before hands - quite the shock (ions), basement pipes, Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Ginsberg (,), Ginsberg, Ginsberg, howl at shock experiments and induced sleep for weeks, it's like a refrigerator buzz in the background (ass), and stiff and not stiff and stiff and not stiff and stiff and not stiff and normal looking normal looking almost look like a child curled up comfortable and ready for sleep sleep sleep the sounds of those waking and falling asleep again agate again in induced sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep (****s), sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep....


(the CIA funded shock experiments of the 1950's under Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill]
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