i dont really play infront of people much, don't feel im good enough to yet, but im worken on it. Mostly i just play at home playing around. All i've really learned are a few riffs and rhythms and i just play em randomly one after another kinda maken my own stuff up as i go to make it blend together for fun. im looking for some songs that sound good without singing, they can be instrumentals or not. Nothing to hard though please im a beginner

BUCKETHEAD-Electric Tears, Colma and a Real Diamond in the Rough, all perfect, mainly acoustic albums.
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a lot of hendrix songs are entertaining without the vocals, but that stuff gets pretty complicated. Song for America by Kansas is mainly instrumental. It's really long too. I don't know if that's good or bad for you.
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Muse - Nishe or Gallery

And find stuff from Porcupine Tree, they have some good pieces

As much as I love Muse, these are not acoustic pieces, and I don't think The Gallery would translate well - it's just simple repetitive phrases.
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