ive recently been listening to a lot of medeski martin and wood, floratone, etc. and they do some really cool ambient sections, and i really dig the crazy octaved organ esque sounds, (i know they use real hammonds and everything but i want something similar, not the exact thing)

i was wondering what would fit me best, a ring modulator (im looking at the ehx frequency analyzer) or something like an octave pedal, or a POG. the only problem is i dont have 200+ dollars to spend. i'd like to find something under 120(deffinately used) and theres currently a big box frequency analyzer on ebay for like 70 dollars.

something similar to this sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DdPEU7VL5s
and i play jazz, funk, experimental, blues and normally use a pretty clean tone through my ac15
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EHX Hogs are pretty awesome.

Unfortunately expensive, so you'll have to save up. I don't think you can get a pedal that does that kind of stuff on a tight budget.

You can however find a cheap used keyboard/synthesizer/electric piano which should give you those sounds.