I'm typically a electric guitarist but decided to dive into the Acoustic world. A few weeks ago I bought a Seagull Entourage Rustic CW at Guitar Center (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-Entourage-Rustic-CW-QIT-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-105494439-i1475314.gc) when I played it in store there was no noticeable buzzing from the frets. However, when I bought it (in store) they gave me one straight from the box which is buzzing on the three lowest strings. I'm assuming that it needs adjustment on the truss rod or something, but I'm not comfortable with doing this. Would guitar center be able to do this for me if I bring it to them? Or do you have any other suggestions for this issue?
ya...check your action. a quick way to kind of "eye-ball" it is to push down on the 1st fret and 14th fret and see how much space is in between the string and the 7th fret.

if your action is correct, there should be a tiny tiny space in between. just enough that if you very lightly touch the string it will tap on the fret.

if your string is touching the fret, action is too low and may be the cause of the buzzing.

i personally don't like taking my instruments to GC because i feel their techs don't take their job as seriously as private luthiers. however, its up to you where you want to take your instruments.
Be careful! It would be unusual for the truss to need adjusting and it can really screw up the guitar if it is done wrong. The problem you are describing sounds like the guitar is dehydrated. This will cause the soundboard to sink down into the body of the guitar. Since the first 3 strings have less torque applied the result will be lowing of the bridge which causes the buzz. Some guitar makers supply shim kits to use in the winter when dehydration becomes an issue. I recommend buying a "humidipak" in case humidification system which will, over time, correct the problem. Since the guitar is new it can likely be reversed given enough time and proper humidity.
Why did you get one from the box without playing it? You might as well have ordered online with that kind of stuff. Always try it out, not just the floor model.
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