Hey all, I just bought my American Stratocaster Deluxe but I encountered a problem. When I press in the S-1 switch, the guitar loses all sound, I believe the switch must be broken, as well when the pickup selector switch is in the middle (middle pickup) no sound comes from the guitar with or without the S-1 switch.

Guitar Center is being a bitch, and they keep offering me replacement guitars but they don't seem to understand the difference between a V and a C neck (the reason I bought it because of the nice V neck which is amazingly smooth).

I don't want to give up the guitar and just return because it plays so nice. What should I do?

It was like that when I tried it out so he knocked $200 bucks off the price and told me when a new one shipped in I could go pick it up, but all the ones they bring dont have the neck and feel that I get with this one...
I just opened the thing up...couldnt find any obvious wire problems, put it back together and the thing worked...S-1 switch and middle pickup...

It sounds a little different though I have no idea what is going on now...

also theres something rattling around inside the neck where it meets the body...
After it worked, I left it alone for an hour and I come back and it doesn't work again.

LOL wtf is going on?
some kind of faulty soldering perhaps?

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S1 switches are actually quite easy to fix as replacements dont cost much (in the UK its £8) plus any good tech could fix that problem quite easily, it seems your beating your head against a brok wall with GC (which is common) but if you ask around for a good tech he should fix it for about $15 max hell he may even do it for less if hes experienced enough to find the problem quickly.

but try not to go through a shop otherwise it will be alot more as they take quite abit purely from being a middle man
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The S1 switch is a 4 on/on switches.

From what I can see from the wiring diagram:


There is only a single connection from the middle pickup to the S1 switch - the yellow wire goes to pin 2. The green and black go to ground.

It'd be worth having a look at the connection there, and the ground connections - if they are good, it's likely to be a faulty S1 switch (try cleaning it with switch cleaner?). There's a lot of connections there, but it's not hard - I've just fitted S1 switching to my strat, as long as you are methodical, and you can drive a soldering iron, it's a fairly easy job - it will take a while though.
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