Just finished this, pretty excited about it. Needs some transition work and depending on what the critiques look like I may continue it; it could definitely keep going. Also, if I feel the need or especially if the community feels that I should add leads over certain parts then I will certainly do so .

Basically, it's still a WIP! Posting it to get some opinions and quality critiques from the sexy members of UG <3.

C4C if you post a link aha.
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The first riff was good, really started the song off nicely. Wasn't a fan of ats 16 and 17 though. B suited the song, but like A, it's a little generic if I'm honest. But that dosen't mean it was bad. One thing about the drums in A, you're using the splash a lot, which is more of an 'effect' cymbal, on a recording a high hat would probably sound better. B2 was much better than A, almost sounded Avenged Sevenfold-y (Which is a good thing in my opinion). The beatdown was great, I can really see that going down well at a show. I liked how the bass in D did something other than just follow the guitars, but as a section it seemed lacking compared to the rest. The transition back into A could use work, maybe just slowing down those tom flams on the drums, and then having A kick in at 160bpm, instead of the gradual speed up that's thier at the moment. The interlude was awesome, one of my favourite parts of the song, really well written, interesting chord useage aswell. The posthardcore bit afterwards was really great too. Can't fault you with those 2 sections, only the drums get a bit boring in my opinion. The fade out was good, but again, just the drums that I wasn't really a fan of.

Overall, awesome job. Could use some work, but seeing as this is a WIP. Well done! 8/10

As for C4C, it may or may not be to your taste, but oh well
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Thanks Carl! Returned critique !

I got one awesome crit so far anymore? /bump
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Crit as I listen

Opening riff sounds pretty cool, didn't think it was anything amazing though, but it does a good job. Bass fills are quite sick
It goes into B fine I think, but this section's a bit drawn out. Could do with some more active leads maybe, or if there were vocals on top, it'd be fine I guess. Drums are pretty cool here though.
B2 sounds nice, it's maybe just a bit boring though, maybe more exciting lead bits here and there.
I'm not sure about the transition in the 2nd bar of the beatdown though. No complaints about the beatdown though
I like the bass line in D, quite different and the use of group of threes works nicely.
When you return to A it should be slightly different I think, just to make things more interesting
It doesn't really flow into E very well though. But the E section is really nice.
But this flows into F nicely, this is probably my favourite section. I like the chords and the rhythm. Could do with a lead line though later on, so it could build up to a more dramatic finish because the ending's a bit eh. Not great.

But overall I think it's a pretty sick song. Some bits need to be changed so there's more variation, and you need to link some of the sections I mentioned better, but I like the ideas. Nice one.

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The intro riff has a nice punch to it, I like it. The B part had a nice melody, but still it sounded quite boring on its own. Vocals would help though. The switch back to the main riff worked nicely. The altered B part was better, especially the ending, I loved the transition!

The interlude is very interesting. Great chord progression. The posthardcore climax was great as well. I love how you stick to one riff, but manage to change the rythms and melodies of that one riff into a clever progression.

Overall I really liked it! I don't really know what posthardcore means or what bands play this style, but I'll start looking into it, it seems interesting! 9/10

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I changed the third return of A, which I may change back.. give your opinions! Also, more excitingly I added a whole minutes worth of epic solo/outro stuff ! So yeah, gimme more critz bbyz
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
I'm not a fan of the first chord you use, but that's just me. The Rhythm and other parts of the progression make up for it, big time.

B and B2 do sound so A7X, which I don't feel is a bad thing either.

The beatdown is well....a generic beat down, but it would work in a live atmosphere.

D is pretty boring for the guitars, but gladly you liven up the bass, so good job.

Not a huge fan of E, but thats because I was just never a fan of the bad sounding clean chords, alot of people are.

The ending wasn't too great either from a completely biast stand point, since im not much of a post hardcore fan.

The solo is pretty good, it especially picks up for me around bar 154, kudos.

I LOVE the outro, the notes kind of remind of the Burn it Down outro by A7X, but thats just me. (ex. bar 181)

Overall, it's not my favorite song, but its interesting, and you gave me something not boring to listen to, so thank you.

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I warn you already that I'm not fan of posthardcore. A part was kinda brutal in it's way, but it was basic. Very enjoyable part tough. B was pretty much like "go, go, stay" part, didn't dig it really. Part B2 was much like B, didn't really hit me. And beatdown was slightly too annoying for my taste, I know that your music is well enjoyed by many who dares to listen but didn't hit for me. D had dissonant chrods and didn't hit me at all. Interlude was pretty nice. F was pretty too noisy for my taste.
Part G was chilly. Solo was nice, really nice. Nice work I've seen that you have used time for this song. It didn't hit for me, but it's only due to music style. So continue making this kind of music since you are talented in it!

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In bar 63, that dissonant in triplet doesnt sound good, but the beatdown is cool

Love the interlude, but i don't like the ending of the posthardcore climax (bars 138, 139)

The bass is pretty cool, especially in part D

Didn't liked Part B too much, should be more like part B2

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