Just got my first fretless bass. It's a beautiful carvin. I will post pics later.

I normally use daddario xls on my fretted basses. Do I need to use flatwounds on the fretless to protect the neck? I've read this in multiple places.

What kind of strings can I use, and what are some that are highly recommended?
If it's a rosewood fingerboard, it's a good idea to go with flatwounds. Roundwounds will eat at the soft wood. If you have something like ebonol, you have nothing to worry about.
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It depends if it's finished or not. If it's unfinished go with flats, however if it's finished it doesn't really matter. If you are using flats I recommend D'Addario chromes or especially Rotosound RS77s.
If it is a Carvin, then it probably has an ebony fretboard. If you aren't doing a lot of slap, then roundwound strings will do just fine. And you could always use groundwounds, which are in-between strings.
I'm a wood noob. I know the neck is maple, but as for the fretboard I am not sure. It is very dark, almost black. I think it might be ebony? Here is a grainy picture. Terrible lighting :O

And thanks for the help

definitely looks like ebony, but from that picture, it could be rosewood or ebanol or even wenge
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I think you're overplaying the durability of an unfinished ebony board played with roundwounds. You're still taking a large risk in having to refinish the board after only a relatively short time. My response remains the same; if it's unfinished go flats. That said, getting a board finished isn't expensive/that hard to do yourself.