I bought a faded flying v about a year ago and i very seldom pick it up, i still go to my mexican strat. Is the v worth hanging onto, do you guys think it will go up in value and i will be bummed i got rid of it. thanks
Hang on to it if you like the guitar. If you are into guitars as an investment then you are making a major mistake. There are many better places to put your cash to get a return.

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ok thanks, i hate to get rid of it but i am wanting a new acoustic and if i let it go it would mean a nicer acoustic, or I may sell it and get a prs.
A Faded V isn't going to go up in value. In another thirty years, it will be worth it's original price again (but because of inflation that will still be less than a new V). There's no point hanging on to it as an investment, if you're going to sell it you're better off selling it ASAP.
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i did not buy it as an investment, i bought it to play but i dont like it. i would rather have the cash and put it towards something else.