sorry if i sound dumb or confusing, i dont know much about musical terms or theory.

so usually im writing heavily distorted punk songs, but i started writing a riff (a sort of alternative maybe indie genre) that uses these unorthodox chords that aren't clear when using a lot of gain.

say im using a chord where my index is on the 3rd fret, and my ring and pinky finger are on the 5th fret of the G and B (the d string is muted), it doesn't sound good until I turn my gain down to 2, but when I try to palm mute power chords for the other parts of the song, it's very weak.

this flusters me because if i play live with a band, i wouldn't know how to go about this. is there any way to tweak the EQ so those higher strings will ring out louder without the riff sounding like a giant mess? and at the same time still have a little crunch in palm muting? or would i have to get another guitarist to do that part?
Yes, I adjust volume, that was not my first thought, but that's a great idea.
Van Halen was a pro with volume.
lower for clean, and more for crunch.
However it's hard to totally cut out the gain.

I would also have recommended having a stomp pedal, not for the distortion, but an overdrive just to kick from clean to crunch.
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Its more to do with ur amp...a good amp will let u retain the definition of all the strings even at high gain...

A compressor might help you by boosting the high strigns a little so u can hear them more.

Or just play the unorthadox part clean then kick in the drive for the power chords
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