so how many people have researched the best options in terms of flying or shipping a guitar?

ive done it all. called the airlines. you get somebody halfway around the earth that barely speaks english and cant help you. look online? 2500 different answers. carry on, dont carry on, ship, hard case, soft case, loosen strings, dont loosen strings. etc etc.

i plan to end that. hopefully with your help we can assemble a thread with all this info. whenever somebody flys, please post the airplane type (hopefully you know) and the course of action (fit in overhead, put in coat closet, or had to check). OR if you ship, name the company and total charge for shipping.

other input like specific care, packing, cases, and etc done to the guitar would help too.


Guitar Type: (specify hard or soft case)

Les Paul -

-boeing 737-400 (US airways): hard case (epiphone brand), fits in overhead

-Canadair/Bombardier CRJ-200 regional (US airways): hard case (epiphone brand), BARELY fits overhead



Mail Boxes Etc: thier guitar box + packaging, 18-20 pound guitar/case item + insurance = 82.00 standard ground

UPS: box + packaging, 18 pounds with case, no insurance = 74.00 standard ground

note: if anyone has a better suggestion for layout or info organization just post.
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Hard case for a Les Paul, gig bag for fender types, ask to have it stored in the front for you. I don't think a guitar is going to fit in overhead for most planes, and I've never heard of anyone having a problem when asking to have it stored up front. They're actually quite accommodating as far as instruments are concerned, and if you read any of the airline/TSA policies they often include exceptions for instruments.

I'm not convinced that loosening the strings helps anything, but if it makes you feel better, go for it.
they refused the coat closet with me. think it really depends on the person. the lady at the gate told me to gate check it, i ignored it. thats the point of this thread, so if you know it will fit, you can just walk on the plane confidently without fuss.

friend mailed guitar yesturday. acoustic, but technically weight is weight in shipping. so it still applies.

so its looking like if you ship expect between 60-90 bucks depending on weight and insurance