did anyone kno a video like this existed:

its basically a tutorial from tim and luke
the preview works, but the full d/l doesnt work
i sent an email to see if its just a technical issue

if sumone has it and could upload to utube (or its already there) it would be


btw, the reason ive posted on this subforum is because its a technique video.
Are You a PROG-HEAD?
I am.

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i was not aware of this. I've bookmarked it though, hopefully they'll fix it. I honestly didn't realize that pth was getting this popular already.
i got the video, ill be uploading on youtube by the end of the day, and ill post the link here.
why am i posting this? i unno, attention? ;_;
Are You a PROG-HEAD?
I am.

\m|_ metal _|m/
Wow, great work finding this! I had no idea how wrong I was playing it before

Cheers for taking the time to upload them!

Excellent find.

Honestly I think how I play some of the parts (based off of tabs on UG and a video or two) are a little bit more efficient, but it's all personal preference.