So I've been experimenting with slap and pop but not very successfully!

I've pretty much got the pop down, and I can slap the E string no problem, but when I try and slap the A, I hit the E as well!

I've tried changing the position of my hand and arm, and tried to keep the ball of my thumb away from the strings by about an inch or half an inch but I still keep hittin that E!

I've checked and my thumb is parallel to the strings. I've subconsiously resorted to muting the E with the ball of my thumb while I slap on the A but I know this is bad technique and I need to correct it!

Any advice?
Quote by edgeyyz
What part of your hand do you hit the E with?

My descriptions are a bit rubbish so I made you a picture LOL (it's not my hand )

I circled in red the bit of my thumb that I use to slap the string (it's kinda on the side of my knuckle joint)

And the bit I circled in blue is the bit that I keep using to mute the E when I slap on the A. Which of course doesn't give me a nice sound on the slap because my wrist action is limited
I never use my palm to mute the strings when i slap, just use your fretting hand if you really need to mute.If you keep your hand down on the string like that, your going to limit your movement, thats probably why you keep hitting your E string.

A lot of the time it is just down to personal preference, so just try experimenting until you come up with something that works, practice makes perfect!
When you slap the A, just try to have your hand floating a little bit above the string instead of resting on the E, and then rotate your wrist to slap. It may take a bit to get used to it, but it will be better for your technique by having that room to move your wrist.
I used to have the same problem, but then I started to slap the A string with a different part of my them, along with floating my hand. I would almost slap it with the side of my thumbnail, which really hurt at first but you quickly build up a callous there and it's fine!
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