I want to build a three channel footswitch for my amp.
But I have no idea how to.
I know I have to use trs plugs and all that but I am not sure how the schematic will look.
Can anyone tell me how, or direct me somewhere that tells me how to make one?
Depends if its a simple on off circuit with a stereo trs cable or something that sends some kinda signal to the amp...

if its the first then it should be pretty simple.

I guess ud have. switch 1 as a broken circuit, switch 2 as a complete circuit on one ring of the trs and switch 3 as the other ring. something like that anyway
Where would the broken circuit be?
And would I use regular spst switches and just wire them back to the jack?
Sorry, I'm a noob. :/
What amp? If its 3 switches and 1 stereo tipped plug, then it could go: Tip to ground, ring to ground, and tip + ring to ground. The amp might need either momentary switches (it makes a connection when press then stops when unpressed) or latching switches (one press makes a connection until you press it again and then it unconnects the circuit)

I made one for my Vox amp with two latching switches and a stereo cable. What I did at first was took a stereo cable and stripped the ends then touched them together till my amp did stuff. lol. I'm not endorsing this as a way, but thats what I did. lol.
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Quote by teddy_baca
I want to build a three channel footswitch for my amp.
Might not have be able to help you if you said what amp you have.
Definitely can't help you because you didn't.
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I have a crate GX1200.
It is suppose to have a 3 channel footswitch, and it uses a stereo cable for the jack.