Hey vocal forum dwellers. I'm here from the guitar section with a query from our vocalist, that nobody could really answer on the spot.

How does Brian Johnson (of AC/DC fame) sing? It's not *really* screaming, at least the metal sort.

Nobody in our band can quite replicate it, though I can come closest. It hurts after a song or two. I feel like I must be doing it wrong, if I'm in pain after two songs, and he makes it though a whole setlist.

Talking about his whole discography, from Back in Black to Black Ice. You can notice his voice changing over time, if you listen to all of them, but in general, it's the same style.

I don't think I need to put examples for this one. To get to this website, ya gotta type in "guitar", and if you know what a guitar is, you know who AC/DC are :P

Anyway, I feel like an absolute pillock crowding your forum with my nonsense, so I'll leave it at that.

Thank ya guys.
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its like a half falsetto combined with years and years of drinking and smoking

EDIT: jk I have no idea how he does it
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If you're talking about how he sings in Back In Black, then yes, I think that he is just singing, but just singing louder. I don't really know how to explain it.
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