So, earlier today I was singing (well, growling) along to some Death. But now, my lungs feel horible. I mean, everytime I cough, or talk, it's painfull. This wasmy first time, actually trying to growl, but I was wondering.... is it supposed to hurt this much? I cant think of anything else that could have caused it. And if it is, how (other than drinking water) can I numb the pain?
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Ya, that is not supposed to happen your first time; or ever for that matter. Sounds like you were using your throat too much or something. Slam hot liquids, it'll help.
If you cough, you probably got some illness. Dont be too metal with illnesses. Drunk lukewarm water, take the punishment as a man.
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1st warm water is a good on, cold water will narrow the muscles in your throat, also for lower growls some dairy works fine. but the first time you do it, you won't nail it. it takes time to know where your limits are and techniques will come natural.
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If that was your first time,, you were doing it SO wrong. Like rediculously wrong. Were you doing inhale screaming? Cuz thats the only way your lungs can get hurt while screaming.
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^ Im not sure if I was inhale screaming, hell I dont know what that is

No, im not sick. I just cough sometimes. But yeah, I'm not a death metal vocalist, so im pretty sure I was doing it wrong. So just drink some hot liquids?
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