ok ive been playen guitar for a good four years now and i really want a band. im 16, a female and i live in racine wisconsin. im looking for people who are comitted and determined to be in a band. im good with my guitar but i still make small unnoticable mistakes. im getting alot better and im looken for people who are at my level. i play an electric jackson guitar and i love it.

looken for a bass player
and mabey a rythem guitar
singer with a unique voice

i love all kinds of music exept rap. i love ac/dc, guns n' roses, pantera, marilyn manson, korn, scorpions, etc. i want to play all kinds like--rock, hard rock, metal, techno, disco, country and mabey screamo.

no drugies. no smokers, no drinkers, no old people(over 20-22)

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