hey guys basicaly id like to know if i can record onto cubase or what ever with this electronic drumkit.

the IED01 cheapest one on the market i think and my uncles got it and he said im allowed it if i want but i just want to know if i can record cubase like over the rhythm

If it has a headphone socket you can record with it. on another note i've seen ION kits for alot cheaper at about £100 but they dont get very good reviews
well im getting it for free, its a usb drumkit or some thing isnt it? i just need to know if you can record into cubase with it so if anyone has a certain answer please share it with me
if it has MIDI then you can record the MIDI and run it through a sampler, it'll sound a hell of a lot better if you do that vs. just recording the output from the sound module.
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It has MIDI, just looked it up. Yes you can record with it, either audio out from the module or midi control with a drum vst.
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