This can be kind of depressing. So if you're not an understanding person. Don't hate.

This is a short story//poem//song lyrics (eventually)

Lying alone in the night. With the kiss of a razor on her wrist. No longer, can she fight The deciever has filled her mind with ignorance. She has lost her stability. To the replacement of an artificial insanity. Her pride, this arrogant force. Has taken her mind with a new life course. Corrupt are the lies. That enter her veins. Alone and discrete she plays life like a game. She gave him her life. Over that he chose pride. Now alone she will cry. Wishing to die. Now she will deepen the wound. Her scars will remain. Because slowly but surely it eases the pain. Quick! Quick, before it's too late. Somebody help her. She needs to be saved. From herself, nothing, not even her name. Can she proclaim. She can't even pray. No! Too much blood is falling, her life is at stake. And only because of his mistake. For he loved her so much. But he could not trust. Her heart in his hands. For he wishes to lust. Now, he regrets his mistake. For with him no longer, she continued to stay. Her life reached an end, at too young of an age. Her judgement is seeking eternity in pain. Now tears are running down his face. As he begins to cry the night away. Salvation had called. But no, he did say. He felt life like a dream. And soon he would wake. Now nothing is left. Not even his life. For he had fallen in love, a second too late.