Greets fellow UG-ers, we finally did it, we got some halfassed wannabe decent live recordings, but hey you can hear the single notes the guitar plays

no seriously, it sounds pretty decent the sound was just a tad too loud for the mic in the back of the room, please give me some crit on the song as well as the live performance.

of course i heard/'ve seen the obvious mistakes but maybe i missed some places for improvement

i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
Writing as I listen...

This song sounds great, you guys sound really tight live. The vocals sound great, the levels sound all great, and the music is really well written.

Really, there's not to critique, but I'm not really into this kind of music to be honest. Reminds me of In Flames though, take that how you want, but it sounds great.

One thing I actually noticed is that the drums are a little quiet, and the vocals sound louder than everything too. I didn't really dig, when the guitarist and vocalist are all kinda yelling together, or the growl the vocalist did after that part, kinda made me laugh to be honest. :P

The solo was solid too, but one of the bends sounded off to me, probably was just a slight slip up, nothing big really, especially consider how well this song sounds. You guys should be proud of where you are with your music.

Crit mine?
thx for the encouragement!

the sound you hear was the camera-mic with a bit of afterwork (just eq and compression to get rid of the typical metallic mic sound), and the growl at the beginning of the breakdown... yea thats just our live show ^^ before the encore we somehow got into a 2min porngrind jam, the shows are just insane
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko