I was talking to my friend and he said since he got his jackson RR3 he has really improved his playing and it got my thinking does a new guitar improve you ability on guitar?
well i would say that sometimes a new guitar can make playing more enjoyable, therefore causing you to play more, which obviously leads to more improvement. so indirectly, yes
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well if they like their new guitar better than their old one, you're more likely to learn faster and more easily on a guitar you like the feel of
A guitar can affect your skill.

In example there's loads of different types of necks.
Personally I hate playing on thin, flat neck necks. It's so uncomfortable to me and causes me to mess up while playing, thus rendering my playing ability.
I prefer roundish, slim but not to thin necks.
It's all personal preference

And like said before in the thread a new guitar just makes you want to play more
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I actually just got a new guitar for NGD, an american strat, and it seems that since i got the guitar i've been able to play stuff much more clean, and precise, the guitar had some to do with it though, because my last guitar (squier m80) wasn't set up well, and wasn't really playable from fret 13 up..... mostly though i attribute my better playing to being motivated to play more because of the new guitar.. so in a sense no it didn't make me play better, just more.
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Yes, a different guitar can in fact affect your playing. I, for one, play differently on a 25.5" scale guitar than I do on a 24.75" one.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Yes, a better guitar is easier to play than a badly constructed cheapo that you have to constantly fight in order to play it. So yes, a new guitar, assuming that it is considerably better than what you previously had (and assuming that you previously had a piece of junk), can in fact make you a better player. More to the point, a new guitar will likely inspire you to play more and reach for a higher degree of skill. Sure, that is a purely psychological effect, but the result is nonetheless real.
It can, but it shouldn't in a way that will completly mess you up. Like just because people say getting a new guitar makes you play better, it's only if you know what your doing lol. As FatalGear41 said, it can inspire to want to play. But if you get a new guitar and expect to just be "better" be prepared for dissapointment.
different guitars do not make you better. what they do is allow you to play to your greatest capacity. essentially, you are capable of playing to a certain level on skills and technique alone. some guitars hinder this more or less than others whilst some guitars emphasize elements of your playing that are muffled by others. so instead of being better, you are playing differently and closer to your own capacity because you are less impeded
In a way, Yes. But just buying an expensive guitar doesn't make you Slash or Les Paul. Different tones can make one play different things and if the guitar is a good player that is set up well it can also help you.
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I think so... I literally CANT play on low action guitars (hence all my guitars having ridicously high action) and my friends hate me because they can't play on them with such action. Another thing, Neck width, not too thin, not too wide, just a perfect med. sized fretboard makes me moe confy ;3
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yeah. A if you enjoy your equipment your outlook will be better. better attitude and you have pride in you gear.

B if its better, as in better action, sound, feel, etc you will play it better. YOU will sound better, cause if it has a better setup your playing will be better.

etc etc. plus better hardware can make theguitar stay in tune, not do bad stuff etc etc etc.
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yeah. A if you enjoy your equipment your outlook will be better. better attitude and you have pride in you gear.

+1. While improvising with a Tele that had a vibrato (That wasn't set up right and I was discontent with due to it not being set up) I didn't do as well. I set it up later but still.
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i had(still have) a dean EVO it was cheap like 200 euros but felt amazing from my crappy SX strat copy, it felt more comfortable i think because i like thicker necks and it improved my speed technique etc.

now i play a gibson les paul standard since 1 year and a half and i got faster with my playing(still not fast metal shred (not my goal) but i can now play songs like nightrain and paradise city with the cd) and my technique is kick ass forward from what it was.

so for me, YES a guitar makes a difference on your skill. i myself have assumed higher quality guitar= improved skill
I don't think it will improve your level of skill but it can certainly make a difference to how you sound. I think krehzeekid summed it up about right. A better quality, more precise instrument can allow you to play to the best of your ability. I also agree 100% with the comments about a new, shiny toy that you don't want to put down will make you better by virtue of more practice!

As a beginner -> improver I found getting my Jackson DK2 made a difference. The quality of the neck, frets etc was in a different league to my cheaper guitars. I moved on in my playing & I think the quality of the guitar helped but the main reason was more practice.
to some degree...i mean if your trying to shred on a classical acoustic...then you switch to an ibanez, chances are...your gonna play what you know better. rather than the neck....i think it has to do more with how well its set up, and his jackson was prob just set up better than his old guitar.
Equipment is my biggest influence. My technique greatly increases everytime I get a new piece of equipment.
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also different sizes of fret allow more room if you need it or more stretch if they are too big. I have a basic Ibanez strat style and its ok, but I will look to improve on it, at some point
Not skill, but if he had a horrible guitar before this one might be easier to play thus making him feel more skilled.
guitars that are easier to play make you play better
simple answer, not really. if you push yourself to what you really want to do, you'll do it.
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not just a "better guitar" but the whole package. setup is huge. i can play really well on my personal guitar vs my roommate. i play a epi les paul with 10s he plays a strat with 11s. my action is far better. it is so much easier to bend strings and teh action is lower on my guitar. i can play his guitar, but still.

same with his acoustic. neck is slightly warped, so the action is a littel messed. and he puts 12s on it. i have to put soooo much more effort into playing that thing than my electric.

however he can rock out on anything he plays. amazing guitarists. his skill and hand strength is so much better it really doesnt matter what he plays he will sound good. but if i pick up my guitar and then play his? oh yeah. there is a difference in my playing. when he play my stuff, hes just like, "yeah i like this guitar. its nice". he still shreds. but hes just saying it plays well.
Yes, I feel like it can to a certain degree, just because you'll feel a difference in the ease of use between, say, a Squier Affinity Strat and a Fender American Standard Stratocaster.
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Could it be a psychological thing, Like generally knowing you have a great piece of gear in your hands. Id be much more fired up playing a Dean ML than a squire strat, so maybe it is literally and figuratively all in your head.

I think it can. My first guitar was a no name tele that you couldnt play above the 15th fret on before you had to reach over the body. My next guitar was a Gibson faded v. The neck was smoother and it had an amazing crunch to the sound so it was more fun to play because it sounded better and my technique got better because of the fret access. So yes.
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Fromm an off brand tele to a gibson!?!
Iwent from an AXL starter to a Dean!

I dont think it directly affects your skill, but it can indirectly help you. A bad guitar will make playing difficult, and may inhibit your playing too, but going to a really good guitar wont instantly make you better. You will be able to play easier however, and this can help you progress in your playing. A comfortable guitar can help you improve, but it wont make you improve.
Set-up and how the neck feels are huge factors. I remember when I got my Jackson, the neck felt so much better than my Epiphone.

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