Just a little something inspired by a recent couple of nights of paranoia and hallucinations caused by lack of sleep. "Spores" is currently the working title. I plan to name it something a bit more suitable at a later time.
The song itself is in 15/8, purely by accident, but I wouldn't have it any other way

Programed on Cubase
Strings: Edirol Orchestral
Pianos: Arta Vista Virtual Grand Piano
Everything else: Absynth 4

All comments and feedback are welcome, and as always, c4c
Wow! What a trip, sounds like it could be used in the Silent Hill series. I think it gets a little repetitive, but it also makes it hypnotic in nature. I would listen to this high, although I'd get real paranoid lol. Good work.

We should collaborate! Although, I really don't know how that would work out. Cheers.
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