i m thinking about selling my LTD that i bought few months ago . And i want to buy a schecter demon 7 (floyd rose) .

is it a good decision ? .m not happy with the LTD pickups. the fretboard is excellent i have to say.the sustain is not so good.i need a good one for recording. m mainly a lead player, also i need to record some clean stuff as well.

please help me out guys.i will buy a schecter if this is a good one.
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no the demon is it's own thing.

i've played the hardtail version ofthat guitar, it was the first 7-string i've played. the neck and feel was nice but the pickups didn't seem very good. then again I didn't get a lot of time to mess with the amp...

btw the damien hat bat inlays, the demon has the gothic-cross inlays. otherwise they are the same I think.
yeah its demon i guess. thats what its written on the website.


i have a pretty neglected guitar, its alexi 200. every children of bodom fan saw this,they talk about the esp alexi costs more than 3000. and makes me kinda embarrassed.

on the other hand i want to play some songs tht requires 7 string.so this schecter is within my price range.

so its between ltd alexi 200 vs schecter demon 7