Alright.... so I've got a seriously weird idea. with my Gibson SG Special Faded, it's got the usual 2 buckers, toggle switch, 2 tone, and 2 volume knobs. I've dialed in a tone that is perfect for my amps/axe, and I want to make it more convenient for myself while playing. Here's the situation:

-While playing heavy/lead/solos, I have only the neck pickup on and the volume at full, and tone at full as well.
-While playing rhythm/backup/verse/etc, I have only the neck pickup on (again) and the volume at around half, but it varies.
-Every now and then, I use both pickups for a song.
-My tone knobs never move from 10.

Given that my switch is usually only on one side, here's what I was thinking (in a n00b diagram):

Is there a way I could make this happen? I know it's weird as hell, but any advice would be appreciated.

P.S. I don't want to add anything like external switches, etc... I'd add a push/pull pot if that would work somehow but no major changes like another switch/knob.