First I know that this should be in the hair thread but there isnt much help there

Anyway I wanna quit straightening my hair i feel that it is just wasting my time, and Im getting tired of doing it. My natural hair is wavy/inda curly. Should I cut my hair then grow it out wavy so people forget about the way my hair use to be or should I just stop straightening it now?If you understand i dont wanna make it look like i got a perm or anything like that. I'm going to Vermont for a snowboarding trip this weekend so should i show my natural hair there and see how my friends accept it?

Now I just wanna accept my hair the way it is, what should i do?
don't straighten then?

I, myself, don't need to straighten my hair because:
1.I dont like it, but
2.my hair look straightened ad naturalis

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if their actually your friends they wont laugh at your hair even if it looks like a poodle perm?
just stop straightening, my hair is really curly and i used to straighten it everyday, but since im lazy, i now i only do it once in a while, no one cares :]
I'd just let it grow out. I wish my hair had more curl to it
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Yeah doing it everyday sucks ass, especially with curly hair.. I done it for like 14 months. Is it too long to put gel in and style it?

That depends.
If your friends think badly of you because of something as trivial as hair, please get better friends. Honestly, just do whatever you have to do in the morning to feel good. If you don't feel like straitening your hair, just leave it, or tie it back
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if their actually your friends they wont laugh at your hair even if it looks like a poodle perm?

I think your friends would be the ones who make fun of you the most, actually.
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