Ive been searching for a new guitar for months and I have it down to the Taylor 814CE to the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard. I cannot make a desicion between the two. Any thoughts or help on these two guitars? Thanks in advance
Comparing the Taylor 814CE to the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard....

Is impossible as they're two totally different guitars. Have you tried either one of them?
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I dunno, im kind of a fan of gibsons, with that heavy bass thing. taylors are a little to sparkly for my ears somtimes
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Yes I have played pretty much any guitar I can get my hands on and Ive narrowed it down to these two. Actually I really like the Martin D37 too but its a little out of my price range. Between the Gibson and the Taylor the sound is completely different but I cannot decide on which is preferable. I want to buy a guitar that last me forever so I want to make sure I buy the right one.