ight i love the look of this guitar, i need a guitar for playing drop tunings like drop B/drop c drop A ect ect.. so the low tunings pretty much. I do not want a trem, but i can get this guitar for $650 canadian bran new with a prs tour jacket and a gig bag which i think is a good deal. Now i know you can block the trem, but i'd prefer for it not to be there at all.. is there anyway i can take out the PRS trem and replace it with this


if not would it just be easier to buy a tremol-no cause i know paul allender uses one of them too



EDIT: It says it's been dicontinued... but it's still on the prs website.. anyone confirm this?
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They just came out with a new Allender model this year, so it can't be discontinued.

The easiest way to block the bridge would be to cut a block of wood to fit in the space and prevent it from moving. However, you can use pretty much anything and lots of people will use everything from folded paper to stacks of coins for this. A Tremol-No would be more reliable, but is pretty expensive.
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what's pron?

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I can't answer your question abotu the trem (i think the tremol'no might work but i udnno)

And they still have some of the purple PA sigs floating around (If you find one in purple buy it now) the purple one has been discontinued and they replaced it with this fugly green one with EMGs.
The PRS Paul Allender SE model is still available, and is still offered in purple according to the PRS website:


Whether a good guitar tech can swap out the PRS tremolo with that Fender Strat hardtail bridge is debatable. It would probably require significant modification to the guitar. I'd just get the Allender and either block the tremolo or ignore it. I have two Strats; both with tremolos, and I never use them. I blocked one and on the other I just installed all five springs and moved the spring claw forward a bit.
Just block it off. You get the same effect and it's much easier and cheaper. Free if you do it yourself.
Yes you can replace it with that but you'd need to fill up your entire route and re-drill holes for strings to go through and line up bridge etc. Basically it's a lot of work. And I say screw the tremol-no you really are just blocking it so do the wood method it's much cheaper and easier.

And yeah they discontinued the Purple Allender and it's coming out with one in green I think it was.
I blocked off my floyd rose with Lego. Worked like a charm, never have to think of it again.

Although I would suggest wood. :p

point is, it's MUCH LESS riskier to block it off rather than replace it, especially since a fender and prs trem aren't exactly the same, sizewise and what else.
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