Ok so I replaced the tone knobs on my epi les paul because one was scratchy. I found that the new pots (500k) have much more range than the old ones (300k). After awhile my volume knob also started to act up. I replaced the both of them today and now have a huge cut in the volume I get out of them. I have to turn them to 7 in order for them to even make an output that the amp can recognize. I put 500k ones in to replace the 300's. Did I do something wrong? I copied the wiring with pictures I took before doing anything as well as online wiring charts. Can someone help me with this please?!
I luckily bought a new guitar yesterday and have no problem with that so its not the amp. I just really wanted a second guitar I could tune down for quick song changes....
Try looking over the connections. It's most likely just a bad connection somewhere.

Also, next time you have a scratchy tone knob, just clean it instead.
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i tired to clean it and it didn't help. And its a 6 year old guitar so I figured everything was going.